Did hear the news that Microsoft will soon be ending is offer to allow free upgrades for older versions of its Windows Operating System to Windows 10? The deadline to download and install the free upgrade is July 29th, 2016. To read more about it please follow this link: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2016/05/05/windows-10-now-on-300-million-active-devices-free-upgrade-offer-to-end-soon/


Its very important that you first check with your Veterinary software provider before installing the Windows 10 upgrade. The most progressive Veterinary software providers have already ensured that the most recent versions of their software is compatible with Windows 10, however is still vitally important that you call their technical support lines to double check that you are running the latest version of their software, and that any other associated programs you have installed are also Windows 10 compatible.


Once you have verified that your veterinary software is Windows 10 compatible you can purchase any new or replacement computers for your practice with Windows 10 preinstalled installed and save yourself a round of operating system upgrades in the future.

An article from CPA Practice Advisor on Stock vs. Asset Sale as a parameter to business valuation engagements.

To learn more about Burzenski & Company Veterinary Financial Advisors practice valuation & transition services click here: http://veterinaryfinancialadvisors.com/content/practice-valuation-transi...

Learn more about how some veterinarians are changing their office space and professional image to reduce pet and owner stress about coming to the office. Let us know what you think about this growing trend and if you’re planning on getting certified as a fear-free clinic.


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How Do I Know When it's Time to Say Goodbye to a Pet?





A LinkedIn artcile written by: 

Speaker, Author, Clinician, Holistic Healing and Nutrition Expert for Pets and their People




This is a video launched by Henry Schein Animal Health as part of their 2014 Veterinary Pharmacy Diets and Data Solutions Workshop. It features Burzenski & Company's Gary I. Glassman, CPA along with other respected and well-known financial experts in veterinary business today. The topic: 2014 Nutrition Volume and Profitability.

Says Gary, "Make sure you watch the video. It really talks to the state of the veterinary industry. It was great working with Fritz Wood, Marsha Heinke and Karen Felsted."


This is the first in a series of articles launched by Henry Schein Animal Health that assimilate and convey the insightful viewpoints of Gary I. Glassman, CPA and other respected and well-known financial experts in the veterinary business today.Click here to read the article: https://lnkd.in/e9VTW9hless


An accompanying video was also launched by Henry Schein Animal Health. The topic: Introduction and Value of Pharmacy to the Veterinary Practice. Click here to view the video: http://player.vimeo.com/external/119886220.hd.mp4?s=8039bd12dc46bfdf500b218bdfe928cc


Says Gary, "Make sure you watch the video. It really talks to the state of the veterinary industry. Thank you to Henry Schein and their sponsors for putting this program together. It was great to work with such well respected experts as  Fritz, Karen and Marsha on this project.