Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine

Four decades later, veterinary practice moves and expands in suburbia.

Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine was founded in 1975 by several local general veterinary practitioners in the greater New Haven region who came together as a group for the welfare of small animals (primarily dogs and cats). Since its inception, the goals of the practitioners have been to improve their individual abilities to practice veterinary medicine through the centralization of resources such as staff, equipment, facilities, vision and ideas. 

Over the years, the cooperative nature of the hospital attracted other veterinary practices in the region. It also generated interest among people in the community who wanted individual care for their pets. Consequently, a decision was made to add wellness lines to the practice. A substantial growth in the number of animals being treated resulted from that decision.

Today, the hospital offers veterinary care 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Round-the-clock monitoring of surgical and medical patients is a key role of the staff. Besides emergency and ICU services, the hospital offers care in areas including: internal medicine, specialty surgery, radiology, dermatology, animal behavior and ophthalmology.

According to Ken Aldrich, hospital director, Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine, “Our current in-house staff includes 14 doctors, five of whom are dedicated to emergency care under the direction of Anna Crosby, VMD. She is a board certified veterinary emergency and critical care practitioner. Each year, more than 150 veterinarians refer patients to us for emergency and specialty care. 

“Our hospital maintains a diverse hospital team of veterinarians, nurses, technicians, handlers and administrators. We are supported by 10 associated member doctor clinics in the area.”

Recently the practice moved from its longstanding urban location in New Haven, CT to a substantially larger, new facility in suburban North Haven, CT.  

Continued Ken, “Nearly a decade ago we started talking about expanding our facility. Finally, in December 2012 construction began. Our first day of operation in the new facility was November 18, 2013. This move allowed us to provide our clients with expanded medical services in a more comfortable environment, with additional parking, a large reception area and an enclosed walking area for hospitalized dogs. It is also more conducive to healing and patient satisfaction.

“Our practice went from an 8,600 square foot facility with 24 parking places to a 20,000 square foot facility with 100 parking spaces. The new facility has 12 exam rooms, an increase of eight as well as six operating rooms which is an increase from four.

With additional size, came the ability to add new services and staff such as the physical rehabilitation and ophthalmology departments. 

Routine pet care will not be provided at the new facility but rather will be offered at the Veterinary Wellness Center of New Haven. This facility opened in 2013, near the original hospital location, so the neighborhood would have access to an outpatient veterinary clinic.

“Burzenski & Company was an integral part of our discussions regarding the expansion,” says Ken. “The Burzenski team have very solid expertise on the accounting side. However, that knowledge extends well beyond standard accounting. It has been important for me to sit with a member of the team to discuss a number of issues because they have an in-depth knowledge of the veterinary industry.

“Over the years, Burzenski & Company has been a significant resource to me and our practice and has helped guide me and our staff to understand where we should be as a business and what areas we should be focusing our attention on as a practice.”

The input from Burzenski & Company was helpful with the operational decision whether to lease or purchase the new facility. The hospital ultimately chose to lease the current building in the Crossroads Medical Center, rather than purchase it. The firm also helped us consider various potential regional locations before we decided the North Haven location was best.

“We were very picky in finding the right location. We needed a location with good highway access.  We also wanted a setting that appropriately reflected the type of medicine we practice and the type of practice we are.

“In the months and years before the move, we looked at various specialties to add to the practice and low rent counts were also considered. Burzenski & Company, PC helped us to understand the long and short-term needs and the trends within the veterinary industry. Their insight was invaluable to helping us plan our practice for today and also the future.”

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