Duxbury Animal Hospital

36 years in business. Knowing when and how to sell a veterinary practice is essential.

Gina and Bruce Berridge owned and operated Duxbury Animal Hospital in coastal Duxbury, MA for 36 years. In November 2013, they chose to sell their veterinary practice and adjacent home which served the Cape Cod and south shore communities. It was a carefully planned, yet still emotional, decision they had mulled around for quite some time.

“We first thought about selling our practice in 2003,” said Gina, wife of Bruce Berridge, DVM. “At that time, we were approached by a veterinarian who was looking to buy a practice and he loved not only our community but also the idea of having a home and veterinary practice together. Though we were tempted by the offer, we came to the conclusion that we were not ready to step down then.”

While the time was not right to relinquish the reins from their practice, they did benefit from a new accounting firm that helped make their practice into a stronger and more profitable practice.

“We had used the same accountant for years but had grown increasingly unhappy with his services,” said Gina. “A vet colleague highly recommended we contact Burzenski & Company. He had been using their services for some time and was very pleased. 

“For the next 11 years, Burzenski & Company gave us sound veterinary advice which helped us boost our income and practice. When we readdressed the matter of selling the practice in 2013, Burzenski & Company was able to help us make sound financial decisions surrounded by the best of the best in the veterinary industry.”

A profitability study conducted by the Burzenski team showed Duxbury Animal Hospital to be in the Top 10 percent compared to vet practices nationwide. This information, coupled with the knowledge that there are typically more people looking to buy a practice, than available veterinary practices, made the process easier.

“We had put an ad in the trade publications in Rhode Island and Massachusetts but even before the ad appeared, Burzenski & Company notified us of someone who was looking to buy a practice in the area. The Burzenski team reviewed the pre-sale contract while putting us in contact with a lawyer who specializes in veterinary practices.

“The whole process was very smooth. It was as positive an experience as it could have been. We had a giant team working for us with the sale of the practice and our home. We had considerable experience and support with a life moment that was hard for us to do. It was a very emotional process.”

For 36 years, Bruce worked full-time at Duxbury Animal Hospital. He is currently working three and a half days a week. 

Bruce and Gina have settled into their new pace of life and life a distance away from what had been their home and community (in Plymouth County, between Boston and Cape Cod) for nearly four decades. Their new-found small knit community suits them well. This new chapter has brought much transition but the ease of the practice sale helped to make the shift into semi-retirement much easier. Burzenski & Company continue as their personal accountants.

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